20W 1200mm LED Troffer Retrofit kit

Retrofit LED Lighting

Out with the old, in with the newest – the future of lighting is now.

LED troffer retrofit lamps are direct replacements for conventional fluorescent lamps.

LEDs deliver higher lumens per watt (lm/W) which means significant energy savings while lasting more than ten times longer than incandescent sources.

With their directional light, instant on and ability to dim, LEDs are fast becoming the light source of choice.


Product Features

Delivers >2000 lumens of light and over 125 lumens per watt.
Ideal for upgrading 1x4 , 2x2 and 2x4 lay-in fixtures to energy saving LEDs .
Quick and easy transition to energy efficient LEDs.
LED troffer retrofit kit use your existing linear fluorescent fixtures.
Easy install with dimmable LED driver.


Technical Specifications
Item No. TF-20W-1200mm
Input Voltage External Driver 100-277VAC 50/60Hz
Power Factor PF>0.95
Light Source 210pcs LED/Epistar Chip
LED Luminous Efficiency >100lm/w
Luminous Flux 2500lm±10%
Color Temperature Standard WarmWhite: 2,700-3,500 K
Natural White: 4,000-4,500 K
Cool White: 5,500-6,700K
Color Rendering Index(CRI) Ra>83
LED Emitter Life 50,000hours
Replacement 50W-85W fluorescent lamp
Working Environment Indoor lighting
Operating Temperature -40~50℃
The Dimensions 38*1130mm /1.5"*44"



Use in new construction or retrofit applications
Troffer fixture/Medallions/T-grid drop ceilings
Other applications


The relevant product parameters
Model NO. TF-16W-1200mm TF-20W-1200mm TF-30W-1200mm TF-16W-600mm TF-20W-600mm
Rated Power 16W 20W 30W 16W 20W
Light Source 168pcs LED/Epistar Chip 210pcs LED/Epistar Chip 315pcs LED/Epistar Chip 168pcs LED/Epistar Chip 210pcs LED/Epistar Chip
Luminous Flux 2000 lm±10% 2500 lm±10% 3750 lm±10% 2000 lm±10% 2500 lm±10%
Replacement 35W-50W Metal Halide/HPS 50W-85WMetal Halide/HPS 80W-125WMetal Halide/HPS 35W-50W Metal Halide/HPS 50W-85WMetal Halide/HPS
The Dimensions 38*1130mm /1.5"*44"
38*558mm /1.5"*22"
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