The transformation and upgrading of China's LED industry needs to solve the problem of talent shortage
2016-06-24 10:52:41

With the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of our country economy, at present, China's senior technical talents are insufficient in total amount, agency problems, personnel suspended phenomenon serious, whether in quantity or in the structure, are difficult to adapt to the needs of economic and social development, especially for professional skill requirements of LED display, technical personnel lack of, let the innovation and development of the industry is catch Lapel see the elbow.

China's LED display experience for more than 10 years of rapid development especially in recent years the investment "blowout", now, LED display industry has begun to appear more serious structural surplus, namely low homogenization products surplus, but the enterprise innovation at the same time, but suffer from lack of comprehensive technical personnel, lack of systematic professional training and assessment, which influences the upgrading of the quality engineering and standardization construction, today, in China's LED display industry transformation and upgrading of the occasion, the urgent need to overcome skill talent lack of short board.
At present, the corresponding professional settings of the domestic tertiary institutions have just started, LED talent for the time being unable to batch culture. Industry talent education has no foundation, the latter is not improved. This leads to the LED industry personnel training produced "congenitally deficient, deformity." Status quo.
LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, the overall level of domestic practitioners and the overall quality is low. In addition, the entire industry lack of vocational training system, limiting the professional skills of employees to upgrade, it is difficult to build them into the core force of the development of the industry, it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the new technology, new technology. In the training and training of professional personnel, there are still a lot of lack of enterprise.
Although the current into the LED industry is gradually increasing, but for LED based knowledge employees mostly Xiangzhi little and the rapid development of LED industry are incompatible and generally led enterprises exist for a long time "heavy equipment, light mechanic; heavy innovation talents of science and technology, light skill talent" concept, forming a prejudice to success of the skills, the lack of such professional and technical personnel training, eventually led to the personnel training to the needs of market development, restricted the enterprise develops forward progress


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