How to make the LED display to achieve further energy saving?
2016-06-01 09:40:28

In this era of high voice, LED display energy-saving concept, but it is also the most attractive to attract consumers' attention, but also in recent years, the reasons for the hot growth.

The further energy saving of LED display becomes a hot pursuit in the industry. Many enterprises in this regard for the improvement of all aspects, to further improve the energy efficiency, but to achieve a greater sense of energy conservation, there is still a long way to go, which requires the joint efforts of the entire industry.
Found recently on the market the number of energy-saving LED display through to power supply improvement for energy-saving effect of the LED display screen to major upgrade, attracted the attention of many consumers, and gave a very high expectations, many LED display manufacturers jump jump want to test.
On the basis of the current technology, energy saving LED display in the end is how to achieve the effect?
LED display to achieve energy saving is mainly from the power supply:
In the existing LED display screen directly by half bridge or full bridge high efficiency switching power supply, again with synchronous rectification energy-saving effect significantly.
Under the driver IC constant current state as far as possible reduced supply voltage, through red, green and blue the tube core separate the power supply to achieve better energy-saving effect.
Of course, the non standard voltage power supply and the application of new technology costs must be increased. From the screen driven IC look, energy saving is not obvious, reduce the constant current differential pressure will bring new problems including cost. Part of the IC enterprise propaganda drive energy saving design, is simply out of the sales strategy.
How to make the LED display to achieve further energy saving?
LED display compared to other traditional advertising methods, their own energy-saving environmental protection". That in addition to the power from the LED display to energy, there are ways to better achieve the LED display energy saving.
LED display with brightness self regulating function. Another aspect is through the LED display brightness adjustment to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
LED display itself is the use of light-emitting materials, energy saving products. However, due to the larger area of the outdoor display, the brightness is higher, so the power consumption is still larger. But the outdoor LED display, due to the brightness of the environment during the day and night there is a great change, LED display brightness in the evening it needs to be reduced, so the brightness of the self regulating function is very necessary.


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