LED display industry in the future whether it will continue the price war
2016-05-27 17:14:51

 At present, China's LED industry, the frequent outbreak of price war, which is by no means accidental, but by the current industry development environment and the development stage of the decision, the occurrence of its inevitability.Not only is the LED parking lot light, but also in many other industries. But for the LED industry price war, to reduce the price as the main feature, is the pursuit of maximizing the interests of LED enterprises in the competitive environment of the current industry, improve the market share of a conventional means.Led enterprise to want to survive and develop in the fierce market competition environment, to seize the market share is the most important, and the price war as to seize the market the most effective and the most efficacious means by led enterprises of all ages is also reasonable.

In recent years, LED industry technology updates replacement more and more quickly, in the industry showing varying degrees of overcapacity problem, serious overcapacity will enable led enterprise faced with the huge survival crisis; a general lack of awareness of innovation, product homogenization serious, market marketing low level... In the face of such a predicament, the majority of enterprises in addition to the price, helpless, more small and medium-sized enterprises in the competition of market economy is forced to participate in price war, due to the enterprise's own strength, the scale of the degree, and large enterprises cannot be mentioned in the same breath, the result is often suffered heavy losses, the market fall, the interest is damaged.
Price war has both advantages and disadvantages, from the perspective of enterprises, some small led enterprises of their own capital chain budget, analysis is not deep enough, whether it is under the pressure of competition price, or blindly follow the trend play price war, which eventually led to capital chain rupture, business owners overwhelmed have foot; from the angle of the products, many small and medium enterprises led in order to survive in the vortex of a price war, at the bottom of continue to challenge the quality of the products, serious impact on the public awareness and confidence in the industry, and the serious influence the development of enterprise and industry.
Although the price war to stimulate consumption, but its negative effect is also very obvious. Current LED display industry price war has been caught in a vicious competition in the mire, is undoubtedly the future of the entire LED display screen.


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