The accumulation will cut into the car with LED and development of intelligent lighting
2016-06-06 16:43:09

LED display driver IC accumulation of shareholders passed last year's earnings and earnings distribution case, allotment of 3.5 yuan cash dividend per share this year.Chairman Li Chang Yang pointed out that after the adjustment of product line last year, this year operation began in earnest, LED display continued towards the development of high-level products, and cut into the car with LED and intelligent lighting market.

Accumulation after last year's adjustment of product line, outdoor LED display abandon low margin basic product, in the first quarter of this year accumulated sports camps can rise.Chairman Li Chang Yang pointed out that currently in mainland China outdoor LED display competition is intense, the accumulation of since last year began to abandon the price killing low order products, adjust product structure to the outdoor high order display products and small indoor space products and in operation in the first quarter of this year saw a turn for the better.He pointed out that this year, LED will show the application prospect, towards the development of high order integration products, increase the added function of products.


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