Vehicle Lighting
2016-07-21 14:29:39

Car lighting market is a huge cake affects all parties, is known as the next LED to be reclaimed gold mine". MAMS latest report shows that in 2015 the global automotive lighting market compared to 5.4% growth in 2014, the total close to $224 billion, 2021 new technology, new features and new features will boost automobile lighting market size growth to $277 billion.

Car with high reliability requirements of LED lighting, first-line brand enjoys a monopoly market advantage, and with the quality of second-line brands breakthrough, will have the opportunity to break monopoly, the next 5 years in more manufacturers involved will be more vigorous development.
From Interior to Exterior, by increasing the design purpose and new features, LED automotive lighting market has been rapid development. First commercial application of the 2008 all LED headlights, the beginning of 2012 gradually applied to C class car market, is now in the emerging market of commercial applications. And will usher in the development of the first year.
At present, domestic led enterprises the main battlefield automobile interior parts of the application, such as we are familiar with the dashboard, and seat light, door handle lamp, reading lamp non functional lighting; and the outer room lighting, especially for the headlamps, led quality requirements for higher, considering the safety, it needs to Automotive industry through the certification regulations, namely the aec-q101 and, therefore, become the domestic many enterprises difficult to go beyond the "difficulties."
Market growth is derived from the growth of the number of vehicle lighting systems, as well as an increasing number of applications based on LED technology for vehicle front lamp systems. The integration of new lighting technology is changing the automotive front lighting system and its application. LED technology has gained wide popularity due to its lower cost and higher performance, such as efficiency, brightness, and package size.
At present, basically all the automotive lighting level vendors have developed full LED headlamp system. With the integration of LED technology, automotive lighting has been developed from the basic functional characteristics of the important characteristics of potential high value added. LED technology can help automotive manufacturers through the design of lighting systems and additional features to make product differentiation, and in the automotive lighting system applications widely recognized.


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