What kind of LED power supply can meet the India BIS standard?
2016-05-28 11:10:27

 Compared to the United States and the European rules and regulations of the technical products, Australia and Brazil, a single product, only China and the India market, the product variety and quantity is very large. So as the lighting industry practitioners, there is no reason not to pay attention to.

believe that the friends of India customers have deep feelings. Even if you quote the cost price to him, he is still a word,High ,very high price".
Ultra high cost, in the India market is the prevailing law.
India stock market is huge, the amount of the most early to rise is the lamp with, and later is the bulb and lamp, which is more than a year T5 stent, T8 lamp, tube and panel light.
The Indian market bis certification and CB like, similar to our domestic 3C certification, but less than 3C less a EMC test, is also the only test lamp / power safety norms, plus a regional consumption habits of lightning, low harmonic wave "
India BIS certification, take a long time, less than 3 months and more than 6 months. Individual cases in the test is not given to the certification. 
Because certification is based on the premise of the high cost of the central idea. India market is not like the United States, we are one of the best materials with the best materials, the best technology, the best optical design.


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