Analysis on the present situation and development prospect of LED lighting industry in 2016
2016-06-21 15:52:13

 At present LED lighting enterprises are faced with difficulties are sure. At present, the number of China's LED lighting enterprises too much, in the whole world is unique, accounts receivable also reflects the current financial situation of enterprise and the high cost of LED and general lighting competition is intense, in the winter, do business first priority is to keep the cash flow, do not let the cash flow broken, cash blood will not fall.

To promote the LED industry in the future, the progress and development of the will and the electronic industry, the same form, it will with the previous traditional light industry have thoroughly remould oneself change, as long as we observe and study the electronics industry experience overall organization structure reform, M & A integration tide emergence, industry chain more segments, we can reference and find the direction of future LED industry will form in which to promote the.
LED lighting applications become more and more mature, light effect gradually saturated stable, light source chip packaging process will due to the photothermal than across the equilibrium point and will focus on focus by heat transfer to the pursuit of high reliability and quality lighting quality, no longer blindly one-sided pursuit of enhancing the luminous efficiency. Light source, equipment, system and control performance, return to the human eye visual comfort as the guide of quality lighting quality.
Product price and reliability gradually stabilized, consumers began to generally accepted LED lighting products, market prices can be expected, but lighting source, equipment, systems and other profit reduced to a stable, calm LED photoelectric science and technology application in the lighting projects set off a lively wave, the overall lighting industry tends to be rational and calm the industry norm.
This wave of enthusiasm subsided, to be by the real meaning of intelligent lighting control launched to enhance lighting of the sense of value, and value-added products, combined with engineering is based on healthy lighting and full respect for the consumer habits and convenient control, establish true wisdom lighting, the current mobile phone app control mode back in a supporting role, sensor and a microcomputer chip to construct the intelligent automation control is new hope, a lighting technology and engineering application of 4.0.
LED lighting is the fourth or fifth generation of lighting products, up to now, has not really been able to replace the LED technology appears. Again is led lighting products and technology, the huge promotion space, from the source of the chip to packaging to downstream lighting applications and products in the future will be more power, life will be longer, easier to control, more intelligent, more personalized, so the LED lighting industry and a long way to go, the prospect will more and more light.


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