• LEDREIT in Miami USA 2018 LED lighting Exhibition

    In this exhibition, LEDREIT newest design led lighting products received the majority of customers praise, especially LED Tramsformer corn bulb, LED E39 Retrofit kit, LED pyramid bulb, LED Post Top bulb, LED Pizza light, LED shoebox fixture and LED Gas Station Canopy fixture. Read More
  • Vehicle Lighting

    Car lighting market is a huge cake affects all parties, is known as the next LED to be reclaimed gold mine". MAMS latest report shows that in 2015 the global automotive lighting market compared to 5.4% growth in 2014, the total close to $224 billion, 2021 new technology, new features and new features will boost automobile lighting market size growth to $277 billion. Read More
  • LED industry how to grasp the government subsidies?

    One of the main reasons for the rapid development of LED industry, is inseparable from the local government's vigorously support and guide the development of the industry, which led enterprises in the fierce market competition, a number of local government are the corporate purchasing gave large grants and subsidies, so as to effectively accelerate the industry consolidation. Read More
  • The transformation and upgrading of China's LED industry needs to solve the problem of talent shortage

    With the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of our country economy, at present, China's senior technical talents are insufficient in total amount, agency problems, personnel suspended phenomenon serious, whether in quantity or in the structure, are difficult to adapt to the needs of economic and social development, especially for professional skill requirements of LED display, technical personnel lack of, let the innovation and development of the industry is catch Lapel see the elbow. Read More
  • Analysis on the present situation and development prospect of LED lighting industry in 2016

    At present LED lighting enterprises are faced with difficulties are sure. At present, the number of China's LED lighting enterprises too much, in the whole world is unique, accounts receivable also reflects the current financial situation of enterprise and the high cost of LED and general lighting competition is intense, in the winter, do business first priority is to keep the cash flow, do not let the cash flow broken, cash blood will not fall. Read More
  • The accumulation will cut into the car with LED and development of intelligent lighting

    LED display driver IC accumulation of shareholders passed last year's earnings and earnings distribution case, allotment of 3.5 yuan cash dividend per share this year.Chairman Li Chang Yang pointed out that after the adjustment of product line last year, this year operation began in earnest, LED display continued towards the development of high-level products, and cut into the car with LED and intelligent lighting market. Read More
  • Standard is the key to the healthy development of LED road lighting industry

    Blindly follow the trend of investment, lack of core technology, market disorder and disorder...... About LED, the industry has a deep love of the deep, the responsibility of the tangled mentality. Approximation of the shortage of money and the collapse of hung Kee and Shenzhen billion light, let more and more people see not the bottom line price competition is terrible, and create a clean, health, calls for a healthy business environment is also more and more strong. Read More
  • How to make the LED display to achieve further energy saving?

    In this era of high voice, LED display energy-saving concept, but it is also the most attractive to attract consumers' attention, but also in recent years, the reasons for the hot growth. Read More
  • What kind of LED power supply can meet the India BIS standard?

    Compared to the United States and the European rules and regulations of the technical products, Australia and Brazil, a single product, only China and the India market, the product variety and quantity is very large. So as the lighting industry practitioners, there is no reason not to pay attention to. Read More
  • LED display industry in the future whether it will continue the price war

    At present, China's LED industry, the frequent outbreak of price war, which is by no means accidental, but by the current industry development environment and the development stage of the decision, the occurrence of its inevitability.Not only is the LED industry, but also in many other industries. But for the LED industry price war, to reduce the price as the main feature, is the pursuit of maximizing the interests of LED enterprises in the competitive environment of the current industry, improve the market share of a conventional means.Led enterprise to want to survive and develop in the fierce market competition environment, to seize the market share is the most important, and the price war as to seize the market the most effective and the most efficacious means by led enterprises of all ages is also reasonable. Read More
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